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Our story


Eliza was born in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and moved to California from France in 2009. She has 3 younger siblings and has been around children her entire life. She is passionate about child and human development, loves learning about world cultures and natural sciences, and enjoys singing, gardening, hiking/backpacking, swimming and snorkeling. Her professional experience includes teaching in a French immersion elementary school, in a trilingual immersion school, and teaching French and English as foreign languages in Japan, Mexico and California. She has also volunteered with children in different capacities throughout the years, in school gardens or tutoring young refugees after school for example. Inspired by Maria Montessori's philosophy of education and dedicated to a mission of spreading peace through education, she's been dreaming of opening a francophone Children's House since her son's birth in 2020. 

Eliza holds an Association Montessori Internationale Primary Teacher Credential, an M.Ed. in Early learning in the Montessori environment from Whitworth University, a BA in applied foreign languages from Université Paris X, and a DAEFLE certificate to teach French as a foreign language from the Alliance Française de Paris. 

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